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What wonderful news! My husband and I have been keeping up to date with Molly's progress since day one. You and your family should be very proud - she truly is a wonderful little girl. Go Molly!

xx Megan xx

Great news!!! It'll be so much easier being closer to home :-) Say Hi to Murse Mai and if she's there :-)

Brilliant well done x

OMG how exciting!!! I am so pleased for you all. I really will have to come and see her sometime but love the photo's and all the news on her, I hope you realise you will have to carry on this blog forever!!!!

Wonderful news. Well done all of you.

Welcome back to "The Woo" li'l Molly. That's such fantastic news for the Branchett family. The care at WRH will be just as amazing, my neighbour has been looking forward to welcoming Molly to the unit.

I'm not convinced all the credit goes to the staff at Birmingham Women's Kate, just have a little reflection on what you, Dunc and Ben have been doing to get her this far too.

Look forward to seeing you soon.


What wonderful news,such a clever girlxx

Im so pleased to hear how well Molly is doing and that it will be so much better for you to visit her at WRH. She is so much closer to home now!! xxx

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